Car Shipping to UK


As a licensed car dealer, and exporter in Germany, we help customers buy and import vehicles to the UK and all over the world.

CAR SHIPPING TO UK - We'll arrange to ship your car from the US to United Kingdom or any worldwide location.

Since 2009, Berlin Motors has been a leading company in the vehicle import industry. We can arrange to ship vehicles from the United States or any worldwide location to the United Kingdom.  We’re a licensed car dealer and exporter, and will make shipping a car to UK easy – From negotiating the best dealer price with our global car buying & US auto auction & eBay buying services, verifying vehicle & seller information to VIP Car Checks, Berlin Motors is your UK complete vehicle import solution. When shipping a car to UK from the US, there’s no hassle of dealing with an agent or other representatives, all services are performed by the same company.

Berlin Motors, working with top rated and insured  freight forwarders, can arrange for the safe and secure delivery of your vehicle to the UK. We can also provide additional transport or transfer within UK.

If you’re ready to get started with shipping your car to the United Kingdom, request a quote today! We guarantee a response within 24 hours.
  • 24 Hour Online Tracking System
  • Secure, Bonded & Insured Facilities
  • Revolutionary Car Shipping Service
  • Certified Vehicle Inspections

Car Shipping to UK

Ready to ship a car to the UK? Request a free online quote for car shipping to UK below, most quotes are processed within 1 business day, and will include transport import duties and TÜV compliance, when applicable.

Contact us online or give us a call at 001-954-225-9731, to begin shipping a car to UK or to learn more about our Vehicle Shipping and Transportation Services to UK. Berlin Motors – your complete vehicle import solution.

Need a quote fast?

Quotes for car shipping services to the UK, Ebay, dealer or private seller car buying, escrow services, car transport & shipping services are just a click away, with a guaranteed response within 24 hours.

If you have questions, give us call:

US: 001-954-225-9731

Europe: +0049-30-743 02 710



Berlin Motors, with our authorized partners, loads vehicle via a revolutionary loading system using metal lifts in the container where the cars only get strapped by the wheels. This gives vehicles more space in the container and minimizes the risk of damage. Multiple vehicles are loaded into a single container, ensuring fast delivery times. We utilize this revolutionary car loading rack system from the USA to Europe, Dubai, and China. We also utilize this system for car shipments from Dubai to Germany & Holland. Berlin Motors assists project customers to select the best shipping solution.

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