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Homologation Service

Since 2009, Berlin Motors has been a leading company in Germany in the area of ​​importing vehicles into Germany, Holland, and other countries in Europe. The TÜV vehicle conversion at times can be complex and we only trust our partners that specialize in this field. Rather you want the conversion and homologation done right after the car arrives in Germany at the port or closer to the final destination. We work with the trusted partners listed below.

Our customers include well-known US, UAE & German car dealers, importers, freight forwarders, and the German Department of State diplomats, US soldiers, Bundeswehr, and private individuals. We offer small and large companies special conditions on the export and re-importation of their vehicles.

Berlin Motors has imported thousands of vehicles over the years mainly from the US & UAE to Europe. Upon request, Berlin Motors customers enjoy a One-Stop complete service, starting from the purchase of the vehicle in the US & UAE – land transport – shipping overseas – conversion homologation in Europe, and door to door delivery.

Any Questions on Homologation ( TÜV )Please send your request to sales@berlinmotorslogistics.com

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Household Goods:

Berlin Motors is specialized in vehicles that are being re-imported to Germany when you are moving back to Germany from abroad.

We offer upfront competent advice and organizer the import and homologation for you.

Requirements to import a vehicle duty and tax-free to Germany:

  • You have lived abroad for at least 1 year.
  • The vehicle must have been registered for at least 6 months in your name.
Homologation Service

VIP Car Check & Inspection Services

Homologation Service

Buy vehicles online securely with our VIP Car Check – Berlin Motors can arrange for onsite inspections within the United States, Canada, and Dubai to give you an independent second opinion, and verify if the car is as described by the seller.

Purchase Your Vehicle Inspection Online Now.

  • The Berlin Motors complete service:

  • TÜV / Homologation Conversion
    All brands
  • US Car Database / Datasheet & COC Certificate
    All datasheets for import vehicles are collected in house
  • Homologations
    Specialized in the conversion and acceptance according to §21 StVZO
  • Special Report
    We can obtain special permits, if necessary for almost all vehicles
  • Full report & TÜV approval
    Berlin or Holland
  • Oldtimergutachten
    §23 in accordance with StVZO
  • US Car Service
  • US Approvals
  • Classic Car H Approval
  • Valuation Report
  • Vehicle Preparation


For a non-binding offer, please fill out one of our quote request forms, call us in Germany, USA or Dubai or send an e-mail to info@berlinmotors.de

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