VIP Car Check


Found the import car you'd like to buy? Protect your investment with a Berlin Motors certified vehicle inspection.

You’ve found your import car?

Buy vehicles online securely with our VIP Car Check – Berlin Motors can arrange for onsite inspections within the United States & Canada to give you an independent second opinion, and verify if the car is as described by the seller.

Part of our US Auto Auction & eBay Motors Buying and Vehicle Escrow services, our VIP Car Check will ensure that what you see online is what you get – avoiding eBay scams and inaccurate auction listings and ensuring your online car buying process is secure, easy and fast.

The Certified Mechanic Inspection will be performed by a certified ASI mechanic. You will get a point by point electronic report, listing any problems found in the vehicle and photographs of the vehicle’s condition. As a licensed & insured car dealer with offices in Europe & the United States, Berlin Motors is the perfect partner for all your vehicle import and shipping needs.

VIP Car Check

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If you have questions, give us call:

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Europe: +0049-30-743 02 710


Certified Mechanic

Car Inspection
$350 - $650

VIP Car Check

US East Coast

VIP Car Check

US West Coast

VIP Car Check

Canada – Alaska – Hawaii

Our Certified Mechanic Inspection includes:

  • VIP Car Check
    30 – 50 pictures of the prospective car
  • VIP Car Check
    Accident Check
  • VIP Car Check
    Test Drive
  • VIP Car Check
    155 Point Detailed Inspection
  • VIP Car Check
    Free Autocheck Report

    The Certified Mechanic Inspection will be conducted by a certified ASI mechanic within 2-3 Days. You will receive a detailed electronic report, listing defects found in the vehicle and photos of the vehicle’s condition.

    Our 100 Point VIP On-Site Check includes:

    • VIP Car Check
      100 pictures & videos of the prospective car
    • VIP Car Check
      Check for Accidents
    • VIP Car Check
      Computer Codes Check
    • VIP Car Check
      Check for Motor & Transmission Leaks
    • VIP Car Check
      Test Drive
    • VIP Car Check
      Free Auto History Report

    With our VIP Car Check, we’ll also perform a check on all computer codes. You’ll receive a comprehensive electronic report, listing all deficiencies & defects found in the vehicle, as well as additional photos of the vehicle’s condition.

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